Monday, 30 December 2013

Fashion news

Friends Ebonnie Masini-Thomson and Natasha Chernov Homann were shopping together for pyjamas when the idea for a business was born.

"There was a lot out there that was sexy or with cute ducks, teddy bears and clouds, but we didn't want that," said Masini-Thomson. "We wanted something sophisticated and fashion-forward, so we decided to do it ourselves."
A Kris Van Assche running shoe available at Sneakerboy.

Launched four weeks ago, luxury sleepwear brand Masini & Chern produces traditional pyjamas for men and women that can be worn on the streets as well as between the sheets.

The PJs, priced from $175 to $230 a pair, are already attracting significant interest. Actress Phoebe Tonkin received more than 50,000 likes when she posted a picture of herself in a striped pair on Instagram, and the Beverly Hills Hotel in Los Angeles has requested palm print pairs for its VIP clients that will come with monogrammed cuffs.

"The reaction has been really great, so we're planning a trip to Los Angeles in the new year and we'll start wholesaling to various fashion and lifestyle boutiques," said Masini-Thomson.

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