Saturday, 25 February 2012

How the Races Can Be the Right Fit for Hen and Stag Parties

Planning a hen or stag party is not any easy feat. You need to plan something that is memorable and fun (for all the right reasons) and which keeps the entire group happy.

One of the most popular options in recent years has been a fun day out at the races. The UK is home to some of the world's finest racecourses, meaning the 'sport or kings' is now accessible to people from all over the country, from all walks of life

1. It's become increasingly common for hen and stag parties to begin with a daytime activity. This helps to make the party feel more event-like, ensuring the stag or hen gets a memorable send off into marriage. Most race meets begin early afternoon and conclude in the early evening, paving the way for a night on the town.

2. The great thing about the races is that it's ideal for people of all ages, meaning if you're inviting the hen's mum or the stag's dad, they can still have a great time. Even if they don't fancy the night of partying later on, they can still join their daughter or son for the day part.

3. Not all hen's want to go round with 'L' plates, some want something a little more sophisticated for their 'last night of freedom' and likewise, the stag may also want something a little classier than the usual cheeky/sweary T-shirts. The races are all about style and panache, which means all guests will have a chance to put on their finest clobber and enjoy a fantastic day.

4. Many racecourses host annual Ladies Days, which are perfect for hen parties. It gives the group a chance to don their favourite frocks and enjoy a glass of champagne on a day that's all about fashion and fun.

5. Some racecourses are also now hosting Gentlemen's days, where, similarly, male attendants can 'suit up', experience complimentary treatments at the grooming stables and visit a casino - all of which are perfect for memorable stag parties.

6. With so many different racecourses throughout the UK, there is simply somewhere for everyone. From style and class to fun and partying, both the venues and their local surroundings mean you can choose an event that's tailored to your needs.

7. There are many different enclosures and areas within each racecourse, allowing visitors to enjoy a tipple in between racing and placing bets. This means you can get the party started in the day and be ready for the evening. Just remember to pace yourself; you don't want the event ending early because of over-indulgence.

8. If you're planning an all-day event, there's every chance you'll want feeding at some point in the proceedings. Many racecourses have on-site, top quality restaurants; while others have a good selection of eateries located nearby.

9. VIP areas can also be found in UK's best racecourses, providing an opportunity to create an extra special day for the hen or stag.

10. The great news about the races is that many courses now offer discounted rates and special deals for group bookings, which means it is no longer an expensive option.

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