Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Indian Fashion Industry

India is a different customs and cultures of the country. After a series of practices, people who live here, through processing, which is also different each other. Traces of fashion the Indians can be found at the crossroads of ancient civilizations Harappa and Mohenjodaro. After independence, India has witnessed in the globalization of the fashion industry, due to the changes that have taken place in the India in the style of dress.

Saris or Uygarlığımıza-kameez clothing style has changed. View more cosmopolitan area-specific. Sleeves of different styles of Blouses, katori style, tilredne-neck, the back button, Blouses, high neck Blouses, Shirts, etc, such as inflated a hot favorite among women. Blouse average lengths of fall. Saris, mainly traditional wearing style back United style or gujarati. Indian fashion scene is heavily influenced by his films. For example, Mumtaz style yellow yester-year hero inspired Mumtaz kavadura as well. Wearing yellow, close to the body.

As far as kamíz is concerned about the many styles and models can be given to this garments. Kameez can be long, short, line, skin tight, etc. These variations can make, in addition to salwar dupattas. Modern version of the kameez are known as kurti, might be with jeans, pants or churidar. She took the form of the Indo-West. People in Western countries also have begun to kurtis.

The emergence of Culture Centre

Mall culture is slowly and steadily grow in India. Several private label brands and will open up the market in India. The first time that such shops of the Shopper, which was the first man shops opened in the year 1993 special India is that they offer shopping centres of several seal all under one roof, some famous shopping malls in India are Pantaloons, Westside lifestyle. Globe these retail stores, etc. has also launched a clothing line under private labels and sold them for examples-Pantaloons. There are many private label under the brand name of it all. Fashion channel and Mela, even private label some important work is the exclusive shop. The buyer has received the international shopping experience, such as retail space. There is no sale buy nagging customer press.

Shops are still warm family favorite shopping, middle-class and upper mid-market Chop. These stores sell clothes and subjects of all ages for almost any trademark you can find it in their family, they Apparels is considered to be the one Stop destination for Big Bazaar shopping Roopam. Fashion channel V-minimart dai Hong BaO, etc., are examples of certain groups.

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